Airlines Hate Golfers
By Kickntrue on 5/2/08
This news a bit old but I know not everyone is aware of it. A lot of airlines are now charging for oversized luggage and 2nd bags at check in. That makes taking the golf clubs along cost an extra $50 per trip. Time to start stuffing your clothes into your travel bag. (Story)

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falcon50driver says:
People: when you are flying, understand one thing. Heavy airplanes are more likely to have a problem staying in the air than a light one. Don't bring scuba tanks, weight belts for scuba, etc. I had a track and field team on board this weekend who wanted to bring their shot putts at 12 pounds each. What do you think keeps an airplane in the air. It isn't lead weights. Give us and yourself a break and travel light. If you're going to Cancun for a couple of days you don't need 100 lbs of luggage and a laptop briefcase. All you need is a toothbrush and a pair of shorts. If you need anything else there's Wal Mart. Get smart.
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