Stretching Makes You Taller
By Kickntrue on 5/2/08
Or so says Phil Mickelson. He has switched to a longer putter because he's grown up to an inch taller through stretching. Really? Can I get a medical opinion on this one? (CallingBS)

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waterboy454 says:
Not medical, but I can attest to this. I was able to increase my overall height by about 1.25 inches. It happened due to inverted hanging exercises. It is used to strech your spinal cord in a decompressed state to improve mobility, maintain the status of an existing spinal injury or in my case to prevent spinal injury. I have swayback in my lower spine, thus increasing my chance of breaking my back. My spine stretched keeps my back healthy and makes sleeping a whole lot easier.

Without I am 5'8.75" after a 3 mo program. just a hair over 5'10".
falcon50driver says:
Will that work on your....nevermind...
monteash says:
Its well documented that military fighter pilots who eject in flight end up being shorter when they land due to the force of the ejection seat rockets. Veteran pilots who have ejected more than once permanently lose some height. Using that as an example, Mickleson could be on to something....
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