Golf Guns For Disabled Golfers
By Kickntrue on 5/5/08
What do you do if you love golf but can no longer play because of physical limitations? Air Force Golf wants you to buy a golf gun for $795 that allows you to still enjoy the game. When you do buy it, I want you to call me- so I can get rid of my stupid clubs that clearly don't work and play with it too. (Wow)

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waterboy454 says:
OK...I was expecting like "special" guns to be made for this type of recreation. Yeah I see the white one on the left top but what about the hand gun and M-16. Is this for real? Holy S**t an OOZY! I dont know what I whould think if some guy pulled what looks to be a silenced hand gun out of his bag to shot for 2.

P.S. Im already on back order.
jdaly says:
Read the user comments on that site, what a riot!
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