5 Things You Need To Know About Equipment
By Kickntrue on 5/6/08
Golfweek has an article from 5 top equipment makers of things you need to know before jumping into new equipment. I've already made steps to follow at least one of them; I'm having my driver cut down to 43 inches. (FullStory)

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klangdon says:
"44 1/2 inches is pretty much the standard length on the PGA Tour." - thats crazy, the standard for amatuers is 2 inches longer than pros?
falcon50driver says:
Interesting that one of the fitters in the article is in Kerrville, Texas. I've got a trip there May 16,17,18. I'll check him out. If anybody wants to play Ladybird Johnson or Schreiner, let me know.
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