Johnny Miller Takes Shots At Woods
By Kickntrue on 5/8/08
NBC broadcaster Johnny Miller took a couple shots at Tiger Woods yesterday. He also thinks The Players Championship is more prestigious than at least 1 if not 2 of the majors (according to the professionals). (FullStory)

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TimmyBede says:
Johnny's got a big mouth and he should learn to keep it shut sometimes.
mbills1015 says:
Is anything Miller said really wrong? For the most part he was just stating facts around Tigers finishes. I think he makes a valid point on where the actual players rank the TPC. Would be interesting to see a silent ballet.
chipotle mg says:
from a fan's perspective the players is more fun to watch than a pga. the 71st and 72nd holes at sawgrass are just too damn exciting. also johnny miller rocks. i don't think he was taking a shot at woods, just saying what he thinks (something he always does) about prognostications about a grandslam so early in the year.
ronphoto says:
How many strokes a side would Tiger have to give Johnny Miller and STILL beat him like a gong to get him to STFU?
chipotle mg says:
not too many, johnny carries a noisey camera in his bag. =P
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