"The Office" Goes Golfing
By Kickntrue on 5/9/08
I try to carve out time for a couple tv shows each week (thank God for DVR) and The Office is one of them. I was pleased to see golf as a focal point of last night's episode. I was even more pleased to go to NBC's website today and see an "Office Mini-Putt" game to waste half of my Friday with. (OfficeMiniPutt)

Complement's of user Tim-A. he wasn't lying.

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Kickntrue says:
I said I was wasting my whole day- but I quit. This is actually too hard. Too much like my real game. The best I was able to pull of was +15 or so- on 9 holes.
klangdon says:
One great thing about The Office is it pokes fun at life in Northeastern PA. oobgolf is located about an hour from the supposed branch of "Dundler Mifflin". So we live their plight every day. Especially with Andrew being so similar to Dwight...
volleyhart says:
Kevin, I hadn't noticed it before but you're right ... Andrew really IS Dwight, isn't he? Well done.
TimmyBede says:
+8 on my first try. No bad.
Kickntrue says:
Just finished at +3. my best score to date.
Kickntrue says:
Even par.... and I spent.
Tim-A says:
A new level addiction yielded a -4 after 2 hours of consecutive play. I think -6 is doable in ideal conditions...
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