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Tiger Woods House Hunting In Las Vegas
By Kickntrue on 5/13/08
If there is anything I've learned in life it's to always trust a man with an eye-patch (arrr). That's why you and I can take it to the bank that Tiger Woods is looking for homes in the Las Vegas area. Because Norm says so. (ThanksNorm)

ps... anyone think I can find a 3rd pirate related golf post/joke for the day?

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marcisweet says:
If he decides to come to Nashville< TN to play at the fabulous Richland Country Club tell him I have a house I would love to sell him. He can walk to the course from his front door.
falcon50driver says:
In keeping with the Pirate theme......Where's your Buccaneers?
golfray says:
Why....Matey....they're under me buckin' hat.
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