Sarah Turcotte's Cool Story
By Kickntrue on 5/16/08
Sarah Turcotte is a former UNC golfer and current editor at ESPN The Magazine. She had a goal of playing in an LPGA event and did so last week at the Michelob Ultra Open. She finished in dead last place but was at least allowed to come back for day two by breaking 88 on day one. Better than w(i)e could do.

To put in perspective how different the courses play and how good the pros really are. Sarah is a 2 handicap. 99.9% of oob's users would probably kill a sibling for a 2. Sarah still shot 84-89, good for 31 over par. Annika Sorenstam finished the event 19 UNDER par. A scratch golfer by USGA standards would almost still need a stroke a hole against the pros.

The Long Shot

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golfgirl says:
Wow, that's impressive. Yet it's amazing how many comments I get from guys (I'm guessing they're average golf blog readers and maybe golf bloggers) who belittle the LPGA players for not having game.

I guess they're not putting in in perspective, right?
mbills1015 says:
I think most men have a problem with women attempted to play on the PGA tour. There is no doubt that 90% of the guys out there couldn't compete with the ladies on the LPGA. But the same holds true that 99% of LPGA players can't play with the men on the PGA tour. I think both should just be appreciated in there own right... we should stop comparing Annika or Lorena's accomplishments with Tiger's. Both are great at what they do, but that's where the comparison should end.
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