Incriminating photo.
Scandal! Scandal! Scandal!
By Kickntrue on 5/19/08
I wish I understood this story because from what I can understand of this story it seems juicier than my daily dose of As The World Turns (is that even on anymore?). The President of Philippines played golf with people he shouldn't have or crossed a border or something. Oh- and it was back in 2006...?

Now, I know what you're wondering. You're thinking, "why do I care?" Well, because you can sound really cultured when you start talking about this next time you cross a line you aren't supposed to on the golf course. Think about it- you accidently walk through your buddies putting line- or in my case you intentionally drive over his ball with a cart to give him a plugged lie. You can say- "Just pulled an Arroyo." When nobody gets it... you can explain this story to them and sound like you know what's what. And while they will call you a moron to your face and make fun of you- when they are having a conversation about you with their husband or wife- they will let it slip that you are a very deep knowledge of world issues.


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