Monty Can Make Ryder Team
By Kickntrue on 5/21/08
Euro Team Captain Nick Faldo thinks Colin Montgomerie can play well enough to make the Ryder Cup team. I personally dislike Monty but one thing he has going for him in Ryder Cup play is an unbelieveable undefeated record in singles play at the Ryder Cup. So the question is... as an American, do I root for him to be picked for the team or not? I think he stinks, but his record says otherwise. (Story)

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falcon50driver says:
Mrs.Doubtfire's whining, we could do without.
NDfan says:
I think he stinks too but his game is better than his personality. What makes Monty a good if not great match play competitor is that he hits ever fairway he looks at and most of the greens. This is a significant physiological advantage and match play is all about the psychology. other than that he's a tool and I hope to not see him again.
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