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Olympic Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/28/08
Should golf be in the Olympics? Discuss. (Fodder)

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klangdon says:
If the olympics weere still for non-professionals only, I would say yes. But we don't need yet another tourney for the big guns. We are still figuring out if we should care about this FedEx cup stuff...
jerdman says:
Absolutely. Golf has grown to a top international sporting event. I'm surprised they had it 100 years ago and not today. Now they have events for BMX, ping pong, sailing, and who can jump the farthest. Look at the list of olympic games and see if you can figure out why half those events are olympic sports but not golf. I don't know what other sports besides golf could possible "compete for those spots" that have as strong of an international field.
sylar says:
they should have golf as an olympic sport, but it should be team-based.
treycool04 says:
i think they shouldn't be part of the olympics. Although I think that might bring a little more attention to the sport from people that otherwise wouldn't watch it.
falcon50driver says:
It's the Olympic Games, .....Golf is a Game. To me, it's more interesting than watching figure skating or seeing skinny people run.
Kickntrue says:
but if you want REAL sport... let's watch FAT people run. THAT'S entertainment.
falcon50driver says:
I love it, I was thinking the same thing.
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