Is This Good For Golf?
By Kickntrue on 5/29/08
Thunderball. Is this going to be good for golf? I'm not sure it's going to bring out new fans and I'm not sure the purists are going to like it much. Fortunately for me- I'm no purist and women jumping around in skirts does it for me. The real question though- is that will be enough to save it from the awfulness it appears to be?

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golfpro926 says:
Only in Vegas! I don't see this lasting more than a season and definitely not going national. You never know...maybe Spike TV will pick it up!
golfgirl says:
It looks pretty awesome to me!

Obviously there are many who won't agree with me, but I really don't see a downside to this kind of "golf themed entertainment". I mean, no one is going to confuse it with real golf, but with it's flashiness and energy in might bring consumers into golf stores and onto ranges and courses who wouldn't otherwise venture there.

Lots of folks are seeing it yet, but the next several years, with our economy in the toilet, are going to be brutal for golf businesses of all kinds. They're going to need all the customers they can get, just to survive.

The golf traditionalist types who object to this kind of entertainment are either asleep at the wheel or they don't care about the smaller players in golf industry.

jerdman says:
Outside of the dancing girls, I don't think that looks very entertaining. Strobe lights don't make a 400 yard drive any more interesting to me. I'd get more of a kick watching a professional mini-golf tournament on some crazy course where they have to take a shot of whiskey every other hole.
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