Rory- Laughing his way to greatness?
Rory McIlroy Alert
By Kickntrue on 2/3/09
19 year old Rory McIlroy won his first European Tour event this weekend and vaulted to number 16 in the world golf rankings.

While golf enthusists have known about Rory for a couple years, I feel like the European Tour is really producing a lot of great players that could explode on the US scene. Another to watch is recent winner Alvaro Quiros who is also in the top 30 now in world rankings.

On McIlroy, someone who would know Mark O'Meara has this to say,
"Ball-striking wise at 19, he's probably better than what Tiger was at 19," noted O'Meara. "His technique I think is better. Certainly Tiger has developed his game and swing over the years and made modifications to be able to hit the ball pin-high, but Rory is already doing that and he's 19, so he's already a step ahead. He's going to win quite a few tournaments, not only on the European Tour, but also in America, too, and there's no reason why he can't win a major championship."
Very Cool! Now let's get them all playing together.

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BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I don't doubt Mr. O'Meara for second. I've watch McIlroy several times and the kid can flat out play! He's was close to winning several times before '09 Dubai.
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