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How Many Bogies Will Torrey Pines Claim?
By Kickntrue on 6/4/08
A couple enterprising San Deigo golf courses are running a contest where the winner wins golf for a year. All you have to do is guess how many bogies the field will have at Torrey Pines. I figure that's at least worth a guess if you are there. Since most of us can't play- go ahead and guess here. Bogies and birdies for that matter. As usual- winner will get something. (Story)

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jerdman says:
I'm assuming this counts all bogeys or worse. I'm guessing 2693 bogeys, doubles, and others. 846 birdies. and 5 player injuries resulting from hitting it out of the rough. Playing Torrey Pines next week is one way to ruin your confidence.
Kickntrue says:
leader in the clubhouse by dfault right now.
Kickntrue says:
1876 bogies or worse- 740 birdies.
jerdman says:

torrey pines ended up with 2434 bogeys, 1055 birdies, 20 eagles
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