Momoko Ueda is nice.
Inside The Ropes At The LPGA Day 1
By Kickntrue on 6/5/08
Day one of the LPGA Championship is in the books and my feet hurt. I was with the group of Laura Diaz, Momoko Ueda and Jane Park. All three played pretty well keeping themselves in good position after day one.

Here are my quick thoughts:
1) These woman are really good. I know you "know" that, but seriously, these ladies are very good. All three golfers I was with hit over 13 fairways and 13 greens in regulation.

2) They don't hit as far as I thought they would. I guess the Ochoa's and Creamer's make you a bit tainted with how far these ladies hit it off the tee. From what I saw most of the players on the LPGA are hitting it off the tee less than 250 yards on average. That said- all of it is just pure and smooth right down the gut. I only saw 1 "bad" shot out of the whole group all day.

3) These ladies are HOT and I'm not talking about the fact that it was 80 plus degrees with 90% humidity. Despite how crass I may have sounded here I can admit when I'm wrong. I said I wasn't buying Laura Diaz. After following her around for 18 holes, let me tell you, I'm buying it.

4) Momoko Ueda is going to be a star. She's 18. She's cute. She's good. The ball just sounds different coming off her club. She had a huge group of Japanese camera and media following her. She's legit.

5) I'm going early tomorrow to see Anna Rawson. I saw Paula. I saw Gublis. I honestly didn't even know Rawson was at the event. She tees off at 8 tomorrow and you better believe I'll be seeing some of her round.

I have much more- that I will share over time but check in tomorrow for day 2 thoughts.

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kenjab says:
First off, let me say I'm a little jealous. I live 15 minutes from Bulle Rock and I can't get to the tournament this week.

And I agree about Momoko Ueda. I'm too lazy to look it up now, but I think she actually won an LPGA event last year, even though she didn't play on tour that much.

Can't wait to read what else you've been up to. Have fun chasing--er, watching--Rawson tomorrow.
jerdman says:
Definitely check out Rawson tomorrow, but don't forget about Blasberg for the weekend. Get me an autographed picture I'll give you 10 mulligans.
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