Kelli Kuehne being herself.
Inside The Ropes At The LPGA Day 2
By Kickntrue on 6/6/08
My quick thoughts from Day 2 at the LPGA Championship.

1) I feel bad for caddies. I guess I've known this before but after walking one of these courses in playing time for two days- I really feel bad for the caddies. They easily have the toughest jobs on the course. That said- I'd trade them anytime they want.

2) Paula Creamer is the kind of girl you want to take home to mom and she'd be proud of you. Natalie Gulbis is the kind of girl you'd take home and dad would be proud of you. Anna Rawson is the kind of girl you could never take home; a) she'd never go with you, b) mom would be nervous and dad would do something nobody would approve of. She is an absolute SMOKESHOW! That said- I'd take Paula if I was really visiting my 'rents. (More on Rawson later. I have a whole post worth of info coming.)

3) Kelli Kuehne is great to walk around with. She is by far the friendly player I've seen (though I haven't seen them all by any means). She will talk to anyone including the fans the whole round. She also says really self deprecated jokes the whole time. She comes from a golfing family and from what we know of the other Kuehnes they seem to be a class act all around. Good parenting.

4) When you finish a round the player usually sign a ball for you in thanks for your effort. My question is (and this is so bad)- as great as Kelli Kuehne is, is the ball worth more as a keepsake, or as a free Pro V1?

5) Ochoa Rules. She has the biggest crowds, the most cheers and the best golf shots. I only saw her play a couple of holes but she is in another world. I'm not sure even the top player on oobgolf's leaderboard could beat her- and I know we have a couple users who play pretty competitive golf.

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theredmission says:
Well by the looks of prices for auto' balls of hers on the net it looks like its a 50/50 call either maybe able to squeak out a couple extra $ above the value of the ball itself, but is it worth the time of finding a buyer/mailing it? My vote: give it to a kid who will put much higher value in it.
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