Romo Shoots 84, Timberlake 98
By Kickntrue on 6/7/08
Tony Romo, Justin Timberlake and others played Torrey Pines in US Open condition yesterday. Romo shot an 84. Timberlake a 6 handicap shot a 98. "Today" host Matt Lauer also a 6 handicap shot a 100. That's how hard the course is- and how good the pros are. (Story)

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twood says:
The big question is, how did Justin escape in time to tee it up?
RJs Dad says:
I thought Tiger said a "ten" handicap could not break 100... who was the ten handicap...
Romo is a 2.2 index!
Kickntrue says:
Tiger is probably right- since two 6 handicaps (Timberlake and Lauer) both shot 98 and 100.
falcon50driver says:
Who is Justin Timberlake?
jon1872 says:
who is tiger woods?
leeheppjr says:
there was a 10 handicap from a Golf Digest that was playing with that group, any word on his score?
kenjab says:
The linked article says he shot a 114.
ToddRobb says:
Justin Timberlake is NOT a 6 handicap, and neither is Matt Lauer. I thought it was an event for them to try to break 100 for the first time. If I'm not mistaken I think Charles Barkley is listed as a 8, I think they use some kind of "famous people" handicap system.
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