Jee Young Lee
Inside The Ropes At The LPGA Day 3
By Kickntrue on 6/7/08
The story of day 3 was the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Uggh. My thoughts from Day 3:

1) These ladies are really tan. Duh. I guess since they wear shorts you notice it where you don't with the men. While everyone at the event is dying from the heat and working the suntan lotion like liquid gold, the players don't really seemed bothered. Well- a lot of the Asian women carry umbrellas but that's just kind of cute.

2) Ok- this is bad. I was there three days before I found out the course is pronounced "Bully Rock" not "Bull Rock." I'm an idiot. It's named after a horse. Speaking of horses- how disappointing was Big Brown?

3) I may do an entire article on this later- but I after seeing these ladies play for a couple days I think a scratch male golfer playing the same tees could compete. I still think the ladies would win most matches and definitely in stroke play, but a scratch male golfer could compete. The distance off the tee is just huge. all the shots in for a male would likely be much shorter. That isn't to take anything away from the ladies. They are so good. In a lot of ways it's more fun watching them in person than the men- because it makes you think you could do it. I didn't see any single shot that I've never hit before, it's just that they do it EVERY shot. It's kind of cool and encouraging to think you could do it.

4) Urination on the golf course is hard when working and also trying to stay hydrated. I had to go twice and both times was in no position to do so. I was sucking back water and Powerade and was in a bad place. Thankfully I was able to make it to a restroom just in time in both situations.

5) I saw one of the players have a fan removed and it was awesome. She actually asked me if I had a radio to call it in but I'm not so privileged to have one so we found a rules official. She told him a guy was following her group that she didn't want to and they looked for an excuse to kick him out. I guess she recognized him from a previous event where he followed her group and touched her when she was near the ropes or something. The problem is he wasn't doing anything wrong and they couldn't really just boot him. I'm not really sure how it resolved- which is kind of anti-climatic to the story, but I was standing away just kind of over hearing things- not really involved.

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