Only $50!
So You Just Pee In It?
By Kickntrue on 6/8/08
File this under "This is fake, right? No? It's real," but we don't have a category like that. So- the UroClub is a golf club looking device with a towel for discreetness. Yah- seriously. (

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Josh says:
based on the picture here using this looks like you're doing something far worse in public than peeing on a tree.
falcon50driver says:
Didn't pee wee herman get in trouble for something like that?
theredmission says:
Damn, $50 bucks!?! Hasn't anyone ever heard of the kneel on one knee trick?
Ben Crane says:
^ I tried that, but you must make sure you aren't on an uphill slope
volleyhart says:
I'll save my $50 and go water a tree.
rxffido says:
Thats what you have job jonnies on courses for. Or theres always the tree or weeds.
I'd rather use that $50 for two rounds of golf on some courses I play.
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