World Am Handicap Championship
By Kickntrue on 6/9/08
The World Amateur Handicap Championship is coming up at the end of August (August 25-29)and if you can make it to Myrtle Beach you've got to check this out with us. For $550 you get 4 days of tournament golf broken down into flights based on your age and handicap. We've made a deal with the event and oob handicaps will count so you have no excuse. At the end of the 4 days, the winners of each flight compete in the ultimate championship round.

There will be much more to come as oobgolf will be playing and live blogging the event while we are there. Over 4000 golfers compete on 60 Myrtle Beach courses. Each night there is a huge party with open bar events. The PGA Tour Superstore has a huge shopping center set up and it's basically a big 5 day party.

I realize this is reading a bit like an advertisement but that's not the case. This is just pretty cool. I'm a little bitter/upset that I'm just finding out about this. I talked to the organizer of the event and he assured me that it is truly golfers of all ages and abilities. If you are a 3 handicap you should check it out. If you are a 24 handicap you can still win the whole thing. And hey! No sandbagging handicaps for the event. We'll be keeping an eye on you!

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klangdon says:
Sounds like a lot of fun. Looks like all the rounds kick off at 8:30am. So heat shouldn't be too bad.

I pitty the guy who didn't know about this and scheduled his family vacation on the same week thinking he could get tee times every morning. This has to book up almost every course in the area.
falcon50driver says:
Are you playing in this tournament?
Kickntrue says:
Due to a scheduling conflict with another golf meeting (PGA Industry Show in Las Vegas) on the same dates we can't be there ourselves but we are planning to have a presence in some way. It is a bit unfortunate that the dates happened to overlap but we were personally committed to the other meeting already. We def plan on doing this next year though assuming it all turns out to be as great as it sounds.

We def encourage anyone from oob to play and we will have a way to bring everyone together at the event.
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