Can We Trust A Man Who Can't Golf?
By Kickntrue on 6/10/08
Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama took some time for R & R over the weekend and was seen carrying golf clubs. I guess it didn't go very well says his spokesman Robert Gibbs. Can we trust a man who can't golf (or bowl)? What CAN he do? Then again- I'm not sure McCain can even pick up a golf club at his age.


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Josh says:
I'm surprised Obama thinks it's ok for people to golf, I mean a golf club could be a dangerous weapon we should either ban it out-right or we should at least make people register them and have a waiting period prior to purchase.

Also it's not right for some people to be able to afford to golf when other's can't we should make the people who can afford to golf give their money to people who can't.
Kickntrue says:
Hmmm. Because this isn't a political blog- I'm not going to ask your opinion of Obama. HAh.
jtdimas says:
This time I think we ought to try to elect someone who's I.Q. is above room temperature -- golfer or no.
Rule13 says:
I heard that he wasn't actually playing golf, but he did give each and every tree on the golf course a big hug!
falcon50driver says:
Since you brought it up, I'd hate to see the site go political, but why don't you run a poll with presidential choices?
Josh says:
I think the forums have a polling system... yep they do: there's your poll.
falcon50driver says:
Thanks a bunch Josh, love the COLLEGE sweatshirt.........
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