This looks hard- but not on the list.
America's 50 Toughest Courses
By Kickntrue on 6/10/08
We often see lists of the 100 best courses or best courses to play. What this Golf Digest list ranks is the 50 toughest courses. I think that is an interesting distinction but I'm not sure this makes me want to play any of them. This is old but interesting because of the US Open this week.

Number 2 on the list is an 8000+ yard course from the tips with a course rating of 80!

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TaylorFade says:
I am totally going to go play those ones in Alabama and that Daly course in Arkansas. I'll let you guys know how I do.
falcon50driver says:
Fourth of July, I'm playing LaJitas in the Texas Big Bend area. It has the country's only Par 1 hole. The green is in Mexico and you get one shot at making a hole in one by firing across the Rio Grande from Texas into Mexico.
rxffido says:
I'm not going to pay large amounts of money to these courses so I can shoot over my average. I can do that on the courses I do play.
icecap says:
Please take along a dozen golf balls and let me know if you hit it regulation ;) .
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