Wie finsihed 2nd in the field.
Wie Quietly Making News On The Course
By Kickntrue on 6/11/08
There are certainly plenty of Michelle Wie haters around (many on this site) but she is finally having her game do the talking. Wie qualified for the Women's US Open by advancing through a 36 hole qualifier in Rockville, MD yesterday. She earned it with her play- so credit where credit is due. (Story)

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bhic says:
I just think she's hot.
golfgirl says:
Personally I can't wait till she's front and center again.
falcon50driver says:
I wish my wife had her looks and I had her game.
falcon50driver says:
Just Kidding, disregard previous post.
Ben Crane says:
I know what you mean merlin. Why would anyone want her game?
falcon50driver says:
Have you seen my game? Anything would be an improvement.
jaydeeiii54 says:
I would like to see her back in the mix. She already has the $, now she needs the wins.
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