By Kickntrue on 6/14/08
No matter what happens tomorrow... but doesn't it just seem like it's destiny?

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Phanz88 says:
It does...amazes me everytime I watch...
hondolane says:
He is amazing.. but on the other hand.. so many have been there, on top, during a many tournaments.. with Tiger in the back somewhere... and seem to fall apart and give it away.

Could it be intimidation? Dale Earnhardt used to be way back in a race, but one by one he passed by.. Did they see him in the rear view and say "oh my god, he beat me?"

Tiger is shooting so...so compared to other tournaments. Yes, he has made some spectacular shots.. and the short game we wish we all had.. keeps him alive.. but the rest of the field just falls off. I guess it is going to take some young player that is cocky enough to not let that happen.

Who knows.. like they say in a fight.. "there is always someone better than you." It will be neat to see what the future holds.. but for now.. soak up the spectacular of Tiger Woods.
jerdman says:
nice start for Tiger...
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