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By Kickntrue on 6/15/08
5 Winners From Sunday At The US Open

1- Rocco Mediate
No matter what happens tomorrow Rocco will certainly have more fans going forward. How can you not like this guy- on the course and in interviews? He just seems like a happy go lucky normal guy. I think the one negative for professional golf of having Tiger Woods (if there are any) is that he dominates the personality of golf so much that you don't get a chance to meet some of the other colorful people out there. He's hard not to root for tomorrow- and I have a sneaking suspicion rooting for him may result in a happy evening tomorrow. I think he wins it.

How much pressure do you think the networks will put on the USGA to keep picking west coast venues? Could NBC have asked for anything better than the finish they got in prime time both Saturday and Sunday? The only thing that could've been better was if maybe Tiger's putt would've won it. My guess is the ratings for this US Open will be the highest in a long time if not ever. ESPN wins by picking up two hours of coverage in the final round playoff tomorrow.

3- Painkillers
Tiger mentioned after the round that he took a little something to relieve the pain and that's why we didn't see any grimaces on Wood's face in the last 9 holes or so. While it was more likely a cortisone shot, there is an Advil or Aleve commercial just waiting to happen, because why wouldn't Tiger want another muiti-million dollar endorsement deal?

4- Muni's
Who wants to play Torrey Pines? EVERYBODY, especially now. Torrey Pines is just one of many great San Diego area courses and now when golfers journey to golf Mecca, expect Torrey Pines to be at the top of everyone's list. I think is also a boost for Bethpage Black for next year.

18 hole playoff with Tiger Woods? Unreal- and now we can keep seeing the "For the Good of The Game" commercials. The USGA would be smart to start only picking courses with a par 5 closing hole. What an opportunity for an amazing finish. At industry meetings one of the biggest topics has been how to increase golf in the USA after multiple years of declining play. While a lot of the issues are with money and the time it takes to play a round- this US Open certainly has to help.

Bonus Winner- People Who Work In Front Of A TV
Sorry to anyone stuck at work tomorrow. Hopefully you can catch the front 9 on ESPN 360 and then make it to a bar for a 2 hour late lunch.

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falcon50driver says:
Will they actually play 18 holes, or will the game be over when one player has a statistical win ?
klangdon says:
How do you have a statistical win since the possibility is always there that other player shoots higher than the current differentce on any hole.
klangdon says:
Winner #6: Jack Nicklaus - With Woods showing significant physical weakness, Jack has to be thinking his record is a little safer even if Woods takes home this major.
kenjab says:
I don't like the 18-hole playoff though, and I doubt the networks do either. What percentage of people who watched over the weekend will be able to see any of the playoff now? Less than half, I bet. I know I can't. And even if ESPN/NBC get a boost in their ratings today from it, it's daytime ratings, which don't really mean anything to them.

The USGA should implement a 3- or 4-hole playoff like the British and PGA. By far Tiger's most memorable major win was his playoff against Bob May at the PGA in, what, 2000?. How awesome would a Rocco/Woods 3-hole playoff been last night?
falcon50driver says:
You are right, it ain't over til it's over.
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