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By Kickntrue on 6/15/08
oobgolf has your back while you're stuck at work. We'll be live blogging the 18 hole playoff round between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate. Heck- even if you are in front of a tv do it with with your computer on your lap. We'll have a lot of fun watching and swapping comments. The blogging and playoff start at 12 noon EST.

We're having technical issues- well- our blog program is- so we're going to do this old school. (Auto-Refresh)

OK DUE TO REQUESTS- We're going to swap the order of the blog- Since the page is auto refreshing- we're going to drop new posts up top!

Tiger E
Rocco +1


4:27- Tiger taps in for par. Rocco will have to make a 20 footer to go another hole. Tiger ALMOST pulled off an amazing putt. He will very likely still win.

4:26- Tiger Woods- for the win and his 14th Major... He stands over it. Strokes it. JUST SHORT!

4:24- Rocco pitches to 20 feet. He'll have a long par putt. Tiger can two putt and still have a good chance. It may not matter. Tiger will putt for the win.

4:23- Rocco had to take a drop (no penalty) and has a good lie. He'll need to make a great shot.

4:22- I feel bad for anyone who sat at 18 all day waiting for the group to come through. It's going to end on 7. One thing that has been very obvious all day is how slow Tiger plays. It'd be a great time now for Tiger to have a 2 stroke penalty for slow play and make this interesting again.

4:20- Tiger... no super happy- but it's on the green in front of the hole. He has a birdie putt. Rocco on the other hand- will have to go find his ball. Tiger is now in the driver's seat.

4:20- Tiger now- 156 to the green. From the fairway. He should have a good luck from here. 9 iron.

4:19- Rocco goes first. From the bunker. He pulled it left and hit the cart path and bounced big. It may be in the grandstand.

4:15- Rocco now- with a driver. Pressure. Going left- and jumps into the fairway bunker. He'll have a fairway bunker shot against the lip of the bunker. Advantage Tiger.

4:15- Tiger... takes a big rip. He's a little worried- but he hits the fairway. Just on the edge of the fairway/rough.

4:14- The commentators are discussion how much Tiger ate between holes and if it was too much. Here he goes. With a Driver. He backs off.

4:13- Tiger will have honors. He takes forever to show up. Sudden Death. Sudden Death. Sudden Death.

4:12- Tiger birdied #7 the first time through.

4:12- TV is back- but not in HD. I'm not happy but we'll deal with that later. All other channels including HD work. Seems to be an NBC thing. Unreal.

4:11- They will start on hole 7. It seems like a random hole to go back to for Sudden Death.

4:09- A story while we catch our breath. MY TV JUST WENT OUT. In the DC area we are having a CRAZY storm. And as Tiger was over his putt- my TV just blinked off. Not my electric- just my TV. I had to consult an online friend to know if it went down. UNREAL. It's still not back up. I don't know what to do.

4:07- Rocco makes! Sudden Death!

4:05- Tiger is up. He doesn't miss these but wow it's not easy. With everything going on. A seagull almost ruined the US Open for Tiger, but he backed off. Here we go- MAKE!

4:04- I really hope they both make. It would be a disaster for this to end with a missed 4 footer.

4:03- Both now with longer putts than they want. A human golfer I could see missing this. With Tiger- I'd be shocked.

4:03- And now Rocco- for the win. He's taking more time on this putt than he has any all day. One practice stroke behind the ball. And now on it. MISSES LEFT.

4:02- And the putt for Tiger- Takes a good cut. And misses right by about 4 feet. Really never had a chance. Birdie is no gimmie. Rocco will have a putt for the Championship.

4:02- If Tiger shimmies this up close and taps in- Rocco will have CRAZY pressure on him. If he makes he'll just snatch it away.

4:00- About a 40 footer for Tiger. It's going to be slow. He knows the course better than anyone. WOW!

3:59- The crowd is going nuts. They are really letting Rocco have it. This is now his to lose. Tiger has a miracle eagle putt. He'll go first. If he sinks it- I think I'll lose my mind.

3:58- Rocco now- 3rd shot. He's not loving it- but it's good. He'll have a 20 footer to win the US Open.

3:58- They are essentially on the same shot now. If Rocco puts this closer than Tiger he's holding his lead. It looks like he's going to carry the ball around 120.

3:56- Tiger- with a 4 iron. Hit's a cut. He's staring it down. Barley gets it on. Just cleared the water. He'll be putting for eagle.

3:55- Tiger- backs away again. The crowd is being ridiculous.

3:55- Dead center of the fairway. 4 iron in.

3:54- Tiger has 217 to the hole. 198 to the front. He can't ask for a better chance.

3:53- Rocco's second shot- from the bunker. A lay up. He hits it up the right hand side and will have a 3rd from from the fairway.

3:50- Tiger now... wow. He's good. Dead center of the fairway- crushed. He showed a lot of pain after that one- but he'll be going for it in two.

3:49- Rocco's going to keep it interesting. Rocco drives the ball left into a bunker. He'll be laying up.

3:48- God bless par 5's.

3:47- Rocco is in the hole.

3:46- A big slider to the right. Wow- another perfect line- but just short. He'll par and be one back going to 18.

3:45- Tiger now- The announcers think this is a "Tiger Putt" to make. They also don't think it's very easy. I'm calling a miss.

3:44- Misses putt- but a good miss. He'll have 3 feet for par. But it will be pressure packed. He didn't tap in- which I maybe would've. If Tiger makes his birdie- that 3 foot tap in is going to feel much longer.

3:40- Rocco right up the ball. He has a good lie. The crowd is being really loud. He's not happy- but he gets a good bounce. It almost went into the rough/bunker up front. He'll have a long putt. 3 putt is in play.

3:40- Full 8 iron. He is pleased. He'll have about a 20 foot birdie.

3:39- Tiger has backed off a ton today and yesterday. He has about 170 to go. He changes clubs yet again.

3:39- When NBC or any network is running full coverage you don't realize how slow Tiger plays- because they fill in the gaps with other stuff. He is at least 2x slower than Rocco.

3:38- Tiger will play first. I'm not sure Rocco outdrove him. Tiger must not have hit driver.

3:35- My thoughts as they walk to their ball. Tiger is not going to win today. I don't think he has one more. It is just Rocco's day. I said it before- and I'll say it again- He will win. Huge next shot though. He doesn't want to love one to Tiger here. I want to be at least 1 up going to a par 5, 18th.

3:34- Tiger stripes the fairway. Advantage Tiger on the 2nd shot.

3:32- Rocco on 17- It's heading right and he'll be playing his second from the first cut on the right side.

3:32- Both tap in for par. On to the par 4 17th. Tiger very nearly amazed us again with another un-makable putt made.

3:30- Tiger misses JUST SHORT. He comes up about a revolution of the ball away form making it. Another putt with the perfect line and just not enough juice.

3:30- Tiger's up.

3:29- Rocco just misses but will par.

3:28- It looks like Rocco's going to putt this one. He's about 4 or 5 yards off the green.


2:03- Tiger started the 10th with a tee shot left. Rocco missed a tap in par and bogied 9. Tiger is now up 2 going into the back nine.

2:10- Tiger has a terrible lie and has to hack to get to the green in 3. Rocco is now in position to get some strokes back again.

2:13- Tiger makes an unlikely par putt from off the green. After Rocco hits a bad chip he misses his par putt- and now Rocco is down 3 with 8 to go.

2:18- Tiger's shot on 11 goes into the greenside bunker. The balls comes out wit no spin and he'll have an 8 footer at least for par.

2:19- Rocco will have another birdie putt to cut into the lead.

2:20- Rocco has had chances to cut into Tiger the past two holes and has blown it. In fact Tiger has somehow lengthened the lead. Here goes Rocco. Rocco's putt went well right and he'll have a par. Tiger has a long putt to stay up by 3.

2:22- Tiger has only 12 putts through 10 holes. Sick. Tiger now- with his bender. Very fast- he barely touched it- and missed. Tiger's lead is down to 2.

Tiger +1
Rocco +3 through 11.

2:24- Rocco puts one down the fairway on 12. It is a LOOONG par 4. Tiger is hitting driver. He took a rip and he's not happy. Right and in the fairway bunker. Here comes Rocco.

2:25- The crowd is very pro Rocco. It's interesting considering Tiger is from close to San Diego. Rocco is from Pennsylvania. I guess it proves underdog > hometown fav.

2:27- Here goes Rocco from the fairway. One of the things I really dig about Rocco is that he doesn't waste any time. He just stands over the ball and whacks it. 243 yards- on a PAR 4 when he split the fairway. Unreal. And WOW. He hits it to about 10 feet.

2:29- Tiger from the fairway bunker. He has a long way to go. He throws his club and is swearing. Short and right. Another chance for Rocco.

2:30- They need to keep the mics off of Tiger. He swears so much. I mean- not more than a normal golfer- but it's bad for TV. I wonder what happens if you call the FCC about a live sports program?

2:32- Tiger has only hit 4 of 12 greens so far. Here goes another 3rd shot from the rough. His scrambling has saved him today. The ball will be way below his feet but he has a good lie. I'd hit this shot to about 30 feet once in awhile. My guess is he does better. It's up... and it didn't carry as far as he needed. He'll have a pretty long par save.

2:34- And now Rocco. He better hit the hole- or he's in trouble. It looks like it just slopes off after the hole. I'm guessing this comes up short.

2:35- Missed. He'll have a 4 footer or so left.

2:36- Tiger putting to save par. This would be amazing if he doesn't lose another stroke to Rocco. It's funny how golf works that way. There are no pictures on the scorecard. I'd say this is about 12 feet. It looks uphill and with some break. He missed. It never came back to the hole. He's going to lose at least 1 stroke. He still has a little work to do.

2:38- Back to back bogies by Tiger. Rocco sinks his par and is now only down 1.

2:39- Through 12 holes it is Tiger at +2, Rocco at +3.

2:39- There have been less and less shots of Tiger grimacing because it just isn't happening today. I've only seen it once. Tiger is clearly in not as much pain today. That said- he doesn't seem to be playing as well. It's almost as if he took something harder and is a little dazed..? That's just speculation.

2:40- The 13th is another par 5. Rocco's drive hit the fairway- barely. This is reachable for Tiger if he hits a good drive. He took a monster cut and missed left.

2:44- With Tiger and Rocco wearing the same color shirt I'm getting confused. Shouldn't Rocco have won due to seniority and Tiger should have to change?

2:45- Rocco's 2nd shot comes up just short into the greenside bunker. He should have at least a decent chance to get up and down from there. Tiger's shot forthcoming.

2:45- Tiger has 223 to the hole. That's longer than their shots in a couple holes back on the par 4. He is in the rough but has a good lie.

2:46- On the green. He'll have a long putt for eagle. Birdie is looking assured.

2:50- Rocco is out of the bunker and to about 10 feet for birdie.

2:51- Tiger is taking a lot of time to look over this putt. Rocco plays so fast compared to Tiger. I guess I shouldn't dispute much Tiger does. This is a fairly long putt.

2:52- Looks solid. Well struck. And turns.. and... just short. Looks like he had it perfectly read.

2:53- Rocco's putt is no gimmie- but he'll have a chance. Tiger looks like he'll make birdie so this is very important for Rocco to keep pace. It's closer than 10 feet- more like 7. And he hits it. Birdie for Mediate. Tied for the moment.

2:53- Tiger taps in. Tiger at +1. Rocco at +2. Through 13.

2:56- Hole 14 is playing reachable again. It's a 270 yard par 4.

2:56- Rocco's up first and he's going for it. He hit it well and he'll have a chip and run for eagle. He was just short of the green.

2:57- Tiger laid up on this hole yesterday with an iron. He's going 3 wood today- taking aim at the pin. Tiger's played this hole at 3 over for the week- even though it's a drivable par 4. Tiger takes a big cut and is not real happy. It lands near Rocco's ball just short- but in the rough. The lie looks good though initially.

3:00- Five holes to go- and there is some crowd activity that we can't see, only hear. Sounds like drunkenness at it's best.

3:01- Tiger first- He chips and it wasn't real good. He'll have a 10 foot birdie putt. Poor effort though from where he was.

3:02- And now Rocco- great chip. To a foot. Rocco will birdie. Tiger has no gimmie. Again tied for a moment.

3:03- After back to back birdies for Rocco, Tiger must do the same to keep his lead.

3:04- Tiger lips out. Wow. He'll tap in for par and we're tied with 4 holes to play. Both are at +1.

3:05- To answer a comment question- Rocco is smiling again. He wasn't for a couple holes but it looks like he's having fun again. It's actually what seemed to get him on track again. I said yesterday- and will say again, I think Rocco wins this. While I thought it was going to a lifetime excuse for Tiger (with the knee) it doesn't seem to be an issue today. It's just Rocco outlasting him. Tiger's last couple mishits have been pretty much user error- not knee or course issues.

3:07- Rocco on 15- He gets a bounce from the right rough and hits the fairway.

3:08- Tiger- With a driver. He takes a huge cut and hits it right. He did show considerable pain after that shot.

3:11- Rocco has 186 to go. He has a good angle in. It is looking good and it is. He'll have a 12 footer for birdie. Tiger is in a bunker. Getting good.

3:12- 170 yards from the bunker. He has a view of the green.

3:13- Johnny Miller is awful.

3:14- Tiger blasts one and he hits the green. Holy crap.

3:15- No way on God's green earth! He just put it INSIDE Rocco's ball. Maybe 5 feet for birdie. That was the shot of the tournament.

3:16- Rocco is up first. He can make it- and he should hope he does because he's going to give Tiger the line.

3:17- WOW! Rocco doesn't crack. He hits a birdie and takes the lead for the moment. What a putt!

3:18- After back to back birdies- Rocco adds another.

3:18- And now Tiger- From about 5 to 6 feet. He's circling all around the putt staring it down.

3:19- He misses! Tiger misses! After an amazing shot to get where he's at- Tiger misses his birdie putt. Rocco will take a one stroke lead with 3 to play. I LOVE that this ends with a par 5. It is going to be a great finish.

3:22- Number 16 is a long par 3. Tiger has struggled big time on the par 3's today. Rocco is wiping EXTREME sweat off his face. You can see it dripping with the HD.

3:23- Rocco- takes a 4 iron- just short. He should be able to get up and down from there. Probably ends his birdie streak- but he's doubtful to lose one.

3:24- Tiger- He added more club because Rocco ended up short. Now the wind direction is changing and he doesn't know what to do.

3:25- Tiger's shot similar to Rocco but he hits the green. He'll have a long putt.

Tiger E
Rocco +1


OK DUE TO SOME REQUESTS- We're going to swap the order of the blog- Since the page is auto refreshing- we're going to drop new posts up top!

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golfgirl says:
I've got a tee time at 10:00AM EST ...but it's supposed to rain at some point so maybe we'll only do nine and be back in time for playoff...if so I'll be there.
kenjab says:
Hey, thanks for setting this up, it's a great idea.

But seriously....are you TRYING to get me fired?? LOL
SchraderTrader says:
Thanks for doing this..... between the Celtics (yeah Btown) and Tiger it's been a fun weekend.
Rocco's Belt Buckle says:
was going to watch it on the US Open website, but the Flash on my office computer isn't updated enough, so I'm along for the ride.
klangdon says:
i can't believe rocco wore the tiger red and black. awesome move by him...
kenjab says:
Sounds like Tiger's getting testy. How's Rocco? Still smiling like yesterday?
DeepRough says:
Re: tiger being slow. I know his knee is a problem and all...but it's refreshing to see Rocco just walk up there and hit balls. I wish more Sunday public course players would do the same! :)
klangdon says:
what happens if they tie again?
DeepRough says:
i hope another 18 tomorrow ;)
falcon50driver says:
This could go on for a couple of weeks.
DeepRough says:
what an amazing tournament!
klangdon says:
that might be the greatest tournament we will ever see.
OrlandoGolfBlogger says:
Live bloggerage of the US open! I love it! Wish I had known about this earlier today! Great coverage, going to add you to my blog roll!
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