Retief Goosen
Was Tiger Faking Injury?
By Kickntrue on 6/18/08
... I don't think so but Retief Goosen did make a "joke" about this being the case. Goosen said that nobody knew the real extent and that Tiger could be playing things up to make things more dramatic. (FullStory)

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DPRICE says:
You've got to be kidding me. I don't think Tiger needs to do anything to make his game more dramatic. I guess the news today put that to rest. (Tiger out for 08 season)
volleyhart says:
Wonder if Goose will be making an apology phone call now?
Bethpage BLACK says:
Retief, was "dramatic!" One leg, 91 holes, a scarce appearance, another major (14), few words, Johnny Miller's "Where is he aiming [LEFT]" (on Sunday's 18th hole final putt),...comment?" (Johnny Miller is ALWAYS commenting on Tiger's analysis of play, and then has to sit back and MARVEL with no words! Then Retief speaks? Yes, was "Dramatic!",...and EVERYONE WAS playing up a Fake to be the Champion of the US OPEN but one. Yes, I agree (RETIEF) it was "DRAMATIC!" I only wish I was the BANK!
Josh says:
Right, lets do another apology tirade, people say stuff. Who cares, we don't need to light our torches and grab the pitchforks every time someone says something dumb or insensitive.
enviroman22 says:
I agree wit DPRICE, there is no way "Tiger" was faking. What an idiotic assertion.
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