Our Last Tiger Injury Post
By Kickntrue on 6/19/08
A video essay by ESPN's Rick Reilly. It's a little (over)-dramatic but it does put a scope on what Tiger's injury could mean in the future and now.

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klangdon says:
i don't buy the concept that tiger might not ever come back. i think the us open proved that regardless of what happens with his knee long term he is going to continue to compete. After a full year of he has to be in better health than he was last week. I call Grand Slam in 09.
golfgirl says:
The reportage WAS over dramatic...on the verge of hysteria. But that's what Tiger Woods does to journalists. And everyone else.
volleyhart says:
Way too dramatic.

I like Reilly, and I agree that we might not ever see a similar performance again. That's fine. I don't watch a baseball game to see an extra innings one-hit gem every day, nor did I watch the tournament because I expected Tiger and Rocco to battle the way they did. I watch because of the competition; that's what we got, and we'll get it again. Maybe it won't have the same drama or emotion, but who could watch that every time and not have a heart attack? Good Lord!

Reilly's off. Football players come back from ACL surgeries faster and stronger, basketball players still jump just as high, and Tiger will still be able to swing.

But man - what a hell of a finish.
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