Dirty Money Report
By Kickntrue on 6/19/08
A top Department of Justice official J. Robert Flores gave $500,000 to one of the First Tee programs in Florida. The thing is- the DoJ didn't deem this a worthy cause. Now Flores is in some hot water because to make matters worse it seems Flores and his foursome didn't pay for the round of golf so it kind of looks like he paid $500k for the round as a thank you, using government money. Oops. It's a pretty good story to keep an eye on. To add to the intrigue the honorary chairman of the committee is former President George Bush.

While I think the First Tee is a solid organization and I have nothing bad to say about it- I'm pretty pissed about this as a taxpayer. I hope Flores takes it hard and quite frankly I hope they have to give the money back. This is the kind of crap that makes everyone hate politicians and I think he needs to catch one square on the jaw for this.


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