Manisha Digs Golf
By Kickntrue on 6/20/08
Bollywood star Manisha (so big she only has one name) is now dating a golfer and is into the game. She was seen at the US Open following around Tiger's group.

Now I know some (most) of you are thinking, "what the heck, who cares?" but I actually think this matters. While you may not be into Bollywood movies, in the scope of the world they are HUGE- just as big as Hollywood. So while I don't think I've ever seen anything with Manisha Koirala, a lot of people who have never played golf have. If she can bring new people into the sport just because she digs it than I'm all for it.


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golfgirl says:
Totally, and the thing is golf is growing amazingly in's the fastest growing sport in the country...and that's is a big country.
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