Refund Please
By Kickntrue on 6/20/08
Those who bought tickets for PGA events later this year seem to want their money back. I wonder why? Should they be allowed to have a refund though? I mean- they bought the ticket. Don't all of the events have little disclaimers that say things like "participants may change" or something like that?

Even more interesting is that bookies are giving refunds on Tiger bets involving future events. I say the bookies should keep the dough. If you put money down that says Tiger Woods will win the British Open, than it seems to me you are wrong- no matter how he didn't win.

And don't forget, to give me back my black t-shirt.

Here is another interesting article discussing where Tiger will stand when he comes back in 2009. His lead as the world's number one golfer could be gone, even if in name only. He's probably not going to lead the money list and the Fed Ex Cup formula is set up in a way in which he cannot win, even though he could very well still be the number points man going into the playoffs.


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enviroman22 says:
They should not be allowed to have a refund in my opinion. Golf is an honorable (perhaps the last?) sport and on any given day anyone can win. Those who do not acknowledge or accept this are not true to the sport or sportsmanship and have no understanding of the game. It is just a game, remember? Refunding them just fuels ignorance IMHO.
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