Does Anyone Like Johnny Miller?
By Kickntrue on 6/21/08
1) Rocoo DOES look like someone who would clean Tiger Wood's swimming pool. That said, 2) Does ANYONE like NBC announcer Johnny Miller?


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chipotle mg says:
in the first round kevin streelman lag putted from 60 feet up hill and miller said "did you see that putter stroke?! that was longer than some of those with the driver on the champions tour"
Robmaxtrek says:
Lighten up folks, it's golf, not politics. GEEZ!
HotBacon says:
I'm not a huge fan because (to me) Johnny comes off as a pompous, know-it-all, ass. Just my opninon though.
TaylorFade says:
Johnny Miller is cool. I get sick of hearing about his victories and how awesome he is/was, but he gives a top- tier player's POV which I find insightful; and personally, I love hearing some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. He is just saying what most people are thinking.
golfpro926 says:
I don't think anyone like to hear himself talk more than Johnny Miller. He seems to always want to steal the spotlight as if he has something monumental to say. Though he does have a few insightful POVs, I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than Johnny with his "know-it-all" pompus ass remarks. When golf is on NBC, I may just watch it with no sound!
falcon50driver says:
When John Madden announces a football game on TV, I turn the volume down and find a radio station that has a play by play announcer and turn that on for the audio portion. It works out pretty cool because a radio announcer has to paint a word picture and are generally better announcers.
TaylorFade says:
Geez, it does sound like nobody likes him. How is it that he's been the #1 rated golf announcer for like the last 12 years?
Snyper says:
Well, when you are pretty much the only one that does it, your competition is limited! If they had another 2 or 3 guys that saw as much face time as him, he would be last!
jforni says:
I love Johnny! He is not afraid to say what he is thinking, even when it is negative. For those of you who think he sounds like a know-it-all, go back and see how good he was and you might understand that he knows a lot more than most people. Johnny tells it the way it is, even when it is at his expense. Honesty goes a long way with me.
Snyper says:
that may be true, except when it is at Tiger's expense. he couldn't be any further up his #$$!! half of what he says doesn't even make sense!
ToddRobb says:
He says what's on his mind which sometimes gets him in trouble. Right or wrong, he gets paid very well to do just that.
fattrandy says:
I think he needs a balance. There really is nobody out ther talking about golf the way he is. That being said I am sure many are going to example great golf-talkers. The solution is the bigcheeses need to balance Johnny with someone who is as passionate. No fighting, just good golf talk.
Pipeliner says:
He's OK he knows what hes talking about because he was a good player. What he said was blown way out of proportion. He tells it like it is so I respect that. I like Feherty better
whomsley says:
Johnny Miller is a D-bag. I cannot stand his negative attitude or comments he makes about every player on tour. I call him Captain Obvious. All of the old fogies that are commentators are jealous of the younger players. They only wish they can hot the ball like the tour players do. And when a player does something wrong, which happens they are only human, Johnny Miller and the on course staff crucify what they did and then tell us how it should have been done. I want to see what they would do in that situation. I love watching golf but 75% of the time there is negative commentary and I turn the sound off so I can enjoy watching these professionals at work. This is just my point of view.
PapaJoe says:
Johnny Who??? I think I remember some guy by that name who shot a 63 in the final round of a U.S. Open tournament some 30 years ago. Is that all the credentials the guy has? Should that qualify him, or anyone else, a guaranteed yearly salary of half a million dollars or more to listen to his quotes and quips about what used to be, rather than what could be and what is? I'm sure the PGA would give him a special exemption to play on the Chanmpions Tour using a golf cart... ifffff the guy could play anymore! Get another wife, and another life, Johnny!
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