More Golf Hateration
By Kickntrue on 6/24/08
I'm going to start posting happy golf stories soon- I promise, but I had to post this article by author Michael Lewis. He is one of my favorite authors right now and I respect his words a lot. That said- I already emailed him this morning and told him I think he's off base with this. He argues that golf "needs" Tiger to suffer so that golf can claim itself a "sport" and not an outdoor recreational activity.

It is an interesting read, but it is pretty clear to me Lewis has never golfed. This won't make me hate him though. I strongly recommend any sports fan read Moneyball and if you are a fan of football you should read Blindside.

Lewis Golf Hating Article

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kenjab says:
I just can't believe that this article is serious. "Rich, important people"?? Did he write this 30 years ago? And if basketball requires coordination but golf doesn't, how does he explain Charles Barkley? LOL

And I don't get this whole debate about whether or not golf is a "real" sport. Read the comments section for just about any golf article on, for instance, and you'll see at least a few that echo this column. WHO CARES?? Does calling golf a sport make basketball or football any less of one?
cpaman says:
I have played both basketball and golf on college teams and golf is infinitely harder and more mentally demanding. It is the difference between brain surgery (golf) and accounting (basketball).
Jake Turley says:
I had to send him an e-mail as well. That is crazy. Bird watching compared to golf! Just because golf is not physical for a lot of people, and it is not an impact sport. I have played a lot of baseball and I bet Michael Jordan can vouch for the fact that Golf is a lot harder to play then Baseball on a professional level.
pvenky says:
what a nutcase!
falcon50driver says:
I will bet that he has tried to play the game and failed miserably. Being unable to hit a small white ball sitting up smugly on a tee while everyone is "vewy vewy kwiet" and watching you can be very humiliating. He was shown to be less of a man. He's right about golf not being a sport, it IS a game, so what? Does ihat make it less enjoyable to the people who indulge in it? Not many sports are played while enjoying a cigar and a beer, and meeting new rich important people and playing well at the same time.
hondolane says:
He probably can hit it past the ladies tee.
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