Pop-Up Protector
By Kickntrue on 6/24/08
Sometimes a new golf product comes along so innovative that it changes golf forever. Sometimes a new product comes along that just makes you laugh. The Pup-Up Protector is actually a relatively smart product. It is a clear thin layer of protection that you put on your driver to protect its resale value and look by preventing "[Sissy] marks" created from missing under the ball. I'll admit, I've done this before and it does hurt the look of the club.

The videos on the site crack me up. The first thing it says is that it will make you a better player because it will build your confidence knowing you can't hurt your club. Really?! So you're telling me the best way to be confident is to think about the worst possible outcome to the point that I take measures to protect against it? All the "golf is in your head" books I read tell me that's a "no-no."

There are other things that make me laugh about the site and product- but they are a little dumber. Like- I get a kick out of the fact that the site is called "Pop-up Protector" and then employs "pop-ups" on its site to launch the feature videos. You also have to wonder from a marketing standpoint if their name will hold up well for internet searches. I'll be surprised if they ever hit the first page of Google with a name like "Pop-up Protector" and even if they do- will anyone actually be looking for a golf product.

All this said... they did get me to write a post about them- so it's not all bad. Touche, Pop-Up Protector. Touche.

Pop-Up Protector Official Website

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pupgolf says:
Fore Play, thanx, for the kudos, We appreciate you giving us a little pub. Take a look at google, yahoo or any website that references, idiot marks, skymarks, pop-up protector, pop up marks, golf driver protector and you will see, YEP we are on the first page. Give it a shot and let us know what you find out. The building confidence actually came from and continues to come from testimonials that we receive about the product. Once again Thanx, for helping us get the word out.
The P.U.P.
Kickntrue says:
For the record- nothing quite excites me like being address as "Fore Play." Well- Captain Fore Play would be nice...

Thanks for checking in!
chipotle mg says:
is this like a condom for your club?
klangdon says:
just so everyone is aware, the last time "captain fore play" put a "sissy mark" on a driver the first time out. he ended up giving me the club.
theredmission says:
Wish I had it a month ago...too late now-the damage has been done.
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