Can Tiger's Event Handle Me?
By Kickntrue on 6/24/08
Last month I invaded the LPGA Championship. Next week- Tiger's Event at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD. Can they handle me? Again, I will be "undercover" as a volunteer and helping out with the event.

Hopefully I'll be more help than this idiot at last week's PGA event in Cromwell, Connecticut. This volunteer drove his tournament issued golf cart into a parked car and fled the scene. Classy!

The real question is how do you hit a parked car? I mean, it's one thing to back into a golfer and break their leg in two places leaving them out for the rest of the season (I feel like I'm mixing up bad dreams) but a parked car? That's bushleague dude!

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klangdon says:
He hit a parked car, causing it to slide into another car? I am not a physics expert, but I would think you gotta be moving pretty good in a golf cart to cause a parked car to slide a couple of feet.
SulfurAcid says:
yea, for sure, unless both the cars were in neutral, highly unlikely. maybe someone called fore, and he was looking the other way, while going at top speed in his cart. heh
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