That's not what my course's mower looks like.
Groundskeeper For A Day?
By Kickntrue on 6/25/08
In light of today's randomly chosen poll- I thought I'd link to this neat article recently in The Balitmore Sun. It features 24 year old Casey Amos who a couple years ago decided to quit her office job for something outside. She works at the Queenstown Harbor Golf Course in Maryland for $10.50 an hour, so she's not getting rich but she seems to really enjoy her job.

Check out the link- it reads like a Golfer Of The Week interview except with more insightful questions related to her speficic role on the course.

Personally- it sounds like it would be fun for about 2 hours... while you're mowing. After that you move on to mulching, weeding, fertalizing and looking for snakes. I'm changing my poll vote to "Course Pro."

Casey Amos

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PapaJoe says:
Hooray for Casey Amos! After I retired last year I decided I wanted to do something to keep myself busy, just for the sake of keeping busy doing something I love. I went work at my local golf course doing whatever peon tasks they needed two days a week, five hours a day. I do a bit of rangering, washing carts, picking up shag balls on the practice range, and whatever other menial tasks that are needed. After a successful career in marketing and advertising sales I have found that what I am doing to be absolutely satisfying and gratifying! I don't get paid! Rather I get free greens' fees and free cart rentals in trade out for the grunt work that I do. And I love it! As it turns out I save myself about $500 a month by not having to pay greens' fees and cart rentals.
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