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The Golf Hall Of Fame Is Pointless
By Kickntrue on 6/25/08
Four new members have been voted into the World Golf Hall Of Fame this week: Craig Wood, Denny Shute, amateur champ Carol Semple Thompson and writer Herbert Warren Wind. I know what you're thinking... who? Exactly.

The reason nobody cares about the World Golf Hall Of Fame is because you don't really have to be that great to get in. Even if you are old enough or enough of a golf historian to know Craig Wood and Denny Shute- it just doesn't make sense that they are in the Hall Of Fame. Both won multiple major championships but Wood's career win total is 22 while Shute only won 16 times in his career. To put that in perspective John Daly has multiple major championship wins and 18 career wins. Is John Daly a golf Hall of Famer? Of course not.

In other sports you must be at the top of your sport for an extended period of time. People must look to you as being the best or one of the best for the time you played. And once you get that designation- you STILL may not get in. Take this whole Curt Schilling HOF debate going on in baseball right now. Schilling may not get into the Baseball's Hall Of Fame and he is every bit to baseball what Rateif Goosen or Ernie Els is to golf. Under golf's HOF standards these guys are shoe-ins.

I realize only four people got in this year- so it's not like their letting anyone past but it seems they are afraid to have nobody because these guys don't seem to hold up.


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dpcooke says:
So is golf but we all still obsess over it.
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