Table Dance For 12 (Year Olds)
By Kickntrue on 6/25/08
♫♫Can A Kiddie Get A Table Dance?♫♫
Where is Chris Rock when you need him?

So- this story is pretty great. A course in Colorado had two outings scheduled for the same day, which is fairly normal. The first was a junior golf association event. The second event was Shotgun Willie's Charity Golf Tournament to benefit breast cancer where the caddies happened to be strippers from Shotgun Willie's. Of course there is always that awkward moment when the paths of two parties cross and the hilarity ensued.
A woman told KUSA-TV the event drew curious questions from her children, who asked her why the men joining the strippers had water guns and why the women wore only their underwear. KUSA said the woman declined to be identified.

Yah- umm.. that's because... well.. umm... all their clothes are in the wash... uh .. talk to daddy.

I just wish their were photographs of the kids faces as they simultaneously hit puberty.


And now... there's more. It looks like one of the strippers left a comment on a news website about the event. In her words:
I WAS ONE OF THE CADDIES IN THE TOURNAMENT....And I can attest to the mischief that went on Monday. Yes, we were naughty...did we mean to frighten the little children or offend their parents? Of course not. We were actually advised NOT to strip down to our bikinis until after 1pm, as we were made fully aware that there was a youth tournament in progress that overlapped our event... however, everyone started drinking at around 8am and by the time we reached Eagle Trace, drunken debauchery was already in full effect and I'm not even sure anyone was sober enough to notice or care a younger crows was present.

There were several inappropriate things going on other than "top dropping" although I won't go into the gory details...but I will say, when you stick a bunch of inebriated strippers and guys on a golf course...all hell breaks loose. No surprises there.

Wow.. Didn't see that coming.

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golfgirl says:
That's a tournament the kids will remember forever, I'm guessing.
jerdman says:
best junior golf tournament ever... if only I had been so lucky
hondolane says:
"For the Good of the Game" You just boosted golf's populus and popularity amoung the young crowd by ten fold... AWESOME. I love golf.
fattrandy says:
Sure it boosted morale but for the wrong reasons. Do the ends justify the means? Things happen of course, but cmon this organizer is a moron to schedule these events so close together, and for not calling me!
hondolane says:
Ya.. but it sounds like he had a full house.. Full house equals full cash register...

They should hire some of those women to work as beverage cart girls.
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