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Golf Is Trying So Hard
By Kickntrue on 6/26/08
Next year we'll have something other than Tiger and the Fed Ex Cup to care about. We'll be waiting with bated breath to see who wins the Kodak Challenge. The challenge will feature 18 of the most picturesque holes of the year and pros scores will be tallied all year long on just those holes. Whoever is the most under par on those 18 holes over the course of the year will win $1,000,000. They are also going to have a minimum event requirement to win so it should rule Tiger out. I'm so giddy I can hardly wait.

Why don't they make a competition for the fan that goes to all of these event and takes the best pictures of these 18 holes? Each could be rating on a 10 point scale by everyone on the net and THAT normal everyday Joe could win a $1M, instead of it going to another rich spoiled pro. Seriously- to play in 24 event you'd need to be a Tour grinder but at least with a card which means you will have made about $1.5M already by defintion of having your card. Do I really care to see a single-year millionaire make another million? Screw them. Give the fans the money. Plus it would make the Tour more money anyway- because to win you'd need to be a fan at 18 different events.

I'm a frigg'n genius. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Finchem called me this afternoon to ask me to be on the PGA Tour marketing team.


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jimithen says:
The PGA should force them into giving it to the charity of their choice.
falcon50driver says:
Hello...This is Mr Finchem....Is Kevin there?
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