Alexis Thompson Will Beat You
By Kickntrue on 6/27/08
Alexis Thompson is 13 and already playing in her 2nd Women's US Open. She is in good position to make the cut. I guess she grew about 6 inches and gained 20 yards on her drives from last year... or so the talking heads on ESPN said during yesterday's broadcast. I saw her hit a couple shots that I'd kill for.

Now... if she can get the right people around her so she doesn't turn into another Wie.

Alexis Story
Alexis' Official Website
Women's US Open Leaderboard

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ToddRobb says:
I can't imagine anyone turning into another Wie, at least I hope not.
Kickntrue says:
Unfortunately, I don't think the Wie thing is that much of a one-off bad situation. I think it is probably pretty common to have young stars burnt out by bad advice/company or just never developing. Being great at 12 is totally different than being great at 21. Think about much physical change and maturity takes place in that time, not to mention mentally.
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