Kristy S Taylor really enjoys her set!
Drab Shafts Getting You Down
By new2thegame on 6/30/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Clubs looking a little dull? Sick of the way you can't coordinate them with every golf outfit you meticulously purchase? Fear not fashionista, for Shaft Skinz are now available to all.Shaft Skinz are a film that form fit to the shaft of your club allowing you to change the look of the club without altering the feel. The colors are extremely bright and very flashy,and remind me of Elle Woods ("Legally Blonde") more than Tiger. However, they've already made their appearance on the Ladies European Tour, with Kristy Taylor sporting Candy and Fire (pink of course)colored clubs. But, no worries guys, the men are not far behind. With the likes of Parker McLachlin and Nick Flanagan sporting some very manly versions of the product.

Check out the site here!

Personally I think this is a great idea and I plan on doing some more research on the camouflage design. Who needs to stand out on a course? My unique abilities bring enough attention as is; so I would much rather blend in on the course. However,if you feel the need to showcase your clubs and draw more attention to your game, by all means, spring for the bright pink neon fire set. They will be sure to get you noticed.

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Kickntrue says:
Wow... I give up posting control and one hour in we have our first link to "designer golf shaft covers."

This should be an interesting summer...
kenjab says:
I remember seeing this on a inventor's reality show last year--can't remember if it was the one on the Golf Channel or the one on network TV that had George Foreman as a judge. Nice to see that they guy is trying to make a business out of it...although I'd never buy them.
Josh says:
I cannot even begin to tell you the restraint it is taking for me to not comment on the name of this product....

Also, wow guys you let a chick start posting and her first post mentions Legally Blonde...
volleyhart says:
Anyone puts these on their clubs deserves to have the whole bag thrown in the water.

Bad Mal - ironic that your nickname also menas "bad" in Spanish - for starting off with this.
falcon50driver says:
I think it's flirty and fashionable.
Josh says:
She's going to scratch the tender shaft with her teeth if she's not careful.. (sorry it had to happen sooner or later)
jerdman says:
Haha, that was my first thought.. Does it matter if the shaft is regular or stiff?
Mr Skinz says:
Couldn't help but notice the post. I'm the inventor of the product so you might have seen me on Fore Inventors Only on the Golf Channel.

The product is actually in use by 18 top pros now including 4 on the PGA Tour, 2 on the European Tour and 5 in the LPGA. We were in use by 5 players at the British Open and the winner of the Ladies British Open a few weeks ago was using them on most of her clubs.

As you can see, even some of the world's top golfers don't take themselves too seriously.

Sure, it's not for everyone but what product is!
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