The happy couple.
Norman And Evert's Picture-Free Paradise
By new2thegame on 6/30/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Greg Norman wed tennis star Chris Evert on Paradise Island (located in the Bahamas) on Saturday. The star filled event, which costs a mere $2 million, was attended by Chevy Chase, Gwen Stefani, Bill Clinton, and former president George Bush (just to name a few). But don't expect to see any pictures turning up on the internet any time soon. After selling the rights to their wedding pictures to a womens magazine, the couple ensured no one else would have them by beefing up security. Paparazzi were fended off by both the police and private security, as well as the 'no fly zone' that authorities approved for the day of the wedding. Norman also rented the entire island for his bride to be, to ensure that no photographers snuck in unnoticed.

If you ask me, this is all a little over the top. I highly doubt the 'no fly zone' was necessary, but I guess if you're the Shark then you can do whatever it takes to keep the prying eyes away.

I just look forward to seeing what that wedding actually looked liked. I highly doubt it was worth $ 2 million, but hey, not much is in my opinion.

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Josh says:
What an awesome testament to capitalism, selling the rights to your wedding photos... brilliant, simply brilliant.
klangdon says:
This is completely unrelated, but funny. I looked up Chris Evert in wikipedia (was curious what the age diff was with Norman). This was one of the blurbs on the page:

Chris Evert's name is often remembered by sports commentators because of the infamous on-screen fight between ESPN's Jim Rome and former NFL quarterback Jim Everett. Rome had made a habit of calling Jim Everett "Chris Everett" (in reference to the tennis player) because of his seemingly fearful actions on the field. On Rome's show, Jim Everett had warned Rome not to use the nickname, but after repeated use on Rome's part, Everett tipped the table between them and attacked Rome.
PapaJoe says:
Ahhhh, it looks like Greg Norman finally got caught in the net. But what a way to go! So, do you think The Shark will turn on to tennis or Chris to golf??? Either way I'd put my money on Chris.
golfgirl says:
I don't think there's much of an age diff, if any, is there?
new2thegame says:
You're right golfgirl. They are both the same age.
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