Assault With A Golf Club
By new2thegame on 7/1/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

A Pennsylvania teen has been charged with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, and resisting arrest after an incident in her home Sunday morning. Samantha Colvin, a nineteen year old Saxton resident, threatened four individuals in her home with a knife. When the state police arrived, Colvin had the great idea to use a golf club as a weapon. After striking a Pennsylvania State Trooper with the club, Colvin was arrested.

Does anyone else find this entirely disturbing and at the same time a little ridiculous? Thoughts? Comments?

Here is the link.

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Josh says:
Kids these days are nuts. Someone needs to smack their parents around because clearly they aren't smacking their kids around enough to teach them any lessons.
hogan72 says:
If the Trooper was talking in her backswing, it's understandable.
RAutrey says:
Guess we'll be banning golf clubs next. You'll have to register them with the ATF(GC). Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Golf Clubs. What a great name for a course...
vudutu says:
did she hit him on the back swing or the follow through? What was her swing speed? I would need to know all of these facts before I could judge her.....LMAO
PapaJoe says:
Sounds like the knife didn't give enough of a "slice"!!
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