Where Does Woody Austin Shop?
By Kickntrue on 7/1/08
Check out these pics of Woody Austin from tournaments past. Where does he buy his shirts? (Here- actually.)

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chipotle mg says:
what's with that driver off the deck from the tee??
Josh says:
I think he buys his shirts from a guy that does airbrush paintings on a boardwalk somewhere. I'm sure golfgirl will have some thoughts on these shirts.
sindigo says:
I think they look pretty cool. Nice to see some color for a change.
golfgirl says:
I'm all for edgy golf attire, however these shirts just don't work on any level. As Josh notes, the boardwalk airbrush comes to mind, and while the boardwalk airbrush might be fine for a trampstamp on a beautiful young backside, it's not appropriate for an aging PGA professional's golf shirt. (My, doesn't that sound Anna Wintour-ish?)
Josh says:
Hehe, trampstamp. I love that term
volleyhart says:
Did not expect tramp stamp and Woody Austin to make it into a post together.
mr_hungry says:
He makes Duffy Waldorf look like Frank Sinatra.
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