Adam Scott made the list without a Major win.
20 Best Men Under 30
By new2thegame on 7/2/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

With Tiger out it's time to switch our focus to the youth of the golf game. has done just that with there list of the 20 Best Players Under 30. The list features major winner, Immelman and those who come close, Adam Scott (my personal favorite). With a brief recap on why each player was chosen, it creates some interesting reading. I think it looks pretty complete, with big hitting Bubba, and youngsters Jason Day (20) and Rory McIlroy (19). So are these really all of the best men under 30?
20 best under 30

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hogan72 says:
look out for Spencer Levin, Tadd Fujikawa & mr_hungry
adambode1 says:
Last time I checked Sergio hadn't won a major. Not that any golf commentators or columnists have mentioned that lately or anything....
new2thegame says:
thanks adam, still a little slow this morning.
kenjab says:
I didn't see Aaron Baddeley--I think he's better than a couple on this list.
theredmission says:
They forgot about me...oh wait you actually have to be good at golf to make this list? Darn.
golfgirl says:
Jason Day is really cute in person. Much cuter than Adam Scott, IMHO. I like Adam's sweater in your photo though.
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