Tee Time Golf Pass
By Kickntrue on 7/2/08
Tee Time Golf Pass is running a summer special on their tee time discount book. For $39.95 you can get all the goodness that includes discounts and savings at over 420 courses along the east coast.

We've actually worked pretty closly with the guys at Tee Time and they offer a great product if you golf frequently and enjoy doing so at different courses. Most of the deals offered are two for one pricing and discounted rounds. Any time you use the book it will save you between $10-$40 per round. You'll quickly recoup the value of the book.

You can find the list of courses covered by the Tee Time Golf Pass on their website or on oobgolf each course featured in the book is marked on its course page.

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Josh says:
Hmm, perhaps I shall pick one of these up.
Ben Crane says:
These are well worth it at the full price. In some cases, you can recover the entire cost of the book in 1 play depending on the course.
HotBacon says:
I'll back Ben Crane up on his post. For some reason I end up not playing very much after I purchase the book, but every year I manage to recoup the value by playing one or two nice courses. Definitely worth the investment!
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