Holiday Wish List: Golf Driving Net
By Kickntrue on 12/5/06
Our Take
A golf driving net isn't as quirky or technologically advanced as some of our previous Wish List items, but that doesn't make it any less functional or cool as a gift. It's perfect for someone with moderate space and a patch of grass he or she doesn't mind turning into a divot farm. You can also hit into the nets from a turf mat, but grass makes it so much better. They make these in different sizes for different spaces, you just need to make sure you have enough room to take a full swing while standing close enough that you don't miss the net.

That said- I can't thing of anything funnier than hitting a full driver into your neighbor's Lexus. Just make sure you send us the video and put it on YouTube!

Price Range
$50-$150, depending on how intense you are looking for.

Where to Buy
Buy it Here!

Company Line
Need help with your game? Check out the Wilson Extreme Challenge Cage Net. This oversized cage net allows you to practice your chipping and driving. The Wilson cage net comes complete with everything you'll need to get started. And when its time to put it away, it all fits into a convenient nylon carry bag. The Extreme Challenge Cage Net comes with one net, four expandable poles, four ground stakes and two background tarps. The size is a perfect 13.5-feet by five-feet by seven-feet.

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skickh says:
This is relatively easy to setup (about 5 minutes). Although we did not get instructions, it took a few minutes to figure out that the red poles go in the front (opening) and green ones in the back. The color coded mating bracket helped too. It's a lot like setting up a "pup" tent, just a little taller. You may need 1 other person to help hold the net in place while assembling the poles. I think the whole family is going to like it!
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