Drug Tests Hit The PGA
By new2thegame on 7/3/08
By Mallory, oobgolf intern

Add golf to the list of professional sports that require drug testing. The LPGA Tour was the first to institute the testing, which began in the first quarter of 2008. The men were a little further behind, with the US PGA and European Tours beginning the process this month. Although it may seem highly unlikely for a golf star to be doping, anything is possible in this day and age. However, Tour officials suggest the decision to begin drug testing was more of a precautionary measure. They are striving to appease those concerned with the lack of regulations regarding banned substances in the sport. After creating a list of banned substances last year, the drug tests were the next step.

Drug testing can make an athlete a little uneasy, even if they don't use anything on the banned substance list. Yet, most golfers seem to be accepting the new tests without resistance. If they do test positive, they are in for some serious penalties. These range from suspensions (1-5 yrs) to fines of up to $500,000. If someone makes the mistake of becoming a repeat offender, they could receive a life ban from the game. However, if a player does test positive, names will not be released to the press until all appeals are complete. So don't expect to see test results on the internet any time soon. Although it would be kind of interesting to see who tests positive for what.

While pros are taking the drug testing in stride it doesn't mean they are all pleased with the process. Recent media darling Rocco Mediate for instance thinks they are going at things the wrong way.
"It's the biggest joke in the history of the world. You could sit in the parking lot and drink a fifth of vodka, and you might get a fine. But if you take Vick's Vapor Rub, you've got to go through the whole system. There are all kinds of things. If you drink a protein shake, and it metabolizes wrong, you're done. It's stupid. There is nothing we can take to help you in golf.

We're not Olympians here. If I take steroids, I'm not going to shoot better scores. I can assure you of that. ... I don't have a problem with drug testing, just the way it's being done. Why don't we do our own deal? And they follow you in [to a restroom] to take a piss? C'mon, it's bull----. Everybody can cheat all day out here if they want. We can move our ball, and nobody does it. We police ourselves."
Fair enough I guess...

Drug Testing Is Starting
And Rocco Don't LIke It

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fattrandy says:
Rocco makes a great point. Honesty is a huge part of this game and chemical enhancements are not going to give you lower scores. Should they ban Xanax because it can focus your mental state and allow a person to be relaxed in tense situations? Mental ability is a major part of the game so speaking to a psychologist before a round would be a form of enhancement. Obviously the PGA doesn't want your caddy cooking you an 8-ball on the 19th hole which we all respect, but a custom system is needed if testing is the mandate.
ryanlowdermilk says:
that 8 ball comment made me laugh... nice comment...
jplacross says:
i want to know what kind of drugs they are testing for. is it just performance enhancers or are they going to get in trouble if they smoke a joint the night before and it shows up on a test. i do not see what drug can help a pro golfer improve his ame. if a player is causing problems on the course and has unusual anger or outbursts, then test him but i see no point in getting into everybody,s life if they are not affecting anybody.
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