David Feherty Is Back
By Kickntrue on 7/3/08
I don't think people realize how bad off Feherty actually was. It's a shame he'll never play golf again- but it sure is nice hearing his voice. David has been very honest about his addiction to alcohol and his fight to overcome that and I really think he accepted that fact that he was given a new lease on life a couple years ago. The fact that he survived this crash to him is just icing on the cake. He lives his life enjoying every moment. It's nice to have him back roaming the fairways.


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klangdon says:
as close as he is to the sport, seems like it would be crazy hard never to play again...
jerdman says:
thank goodness for putt putt
Wyld_Txn says:
I feel bad for him. Hopefully there is something doctors can do for him later on down the road.
mfritts says:
I've read his books, enjoyed his magazine column and certainly his golf analysis. I wish you well Mr. Feherty and I'm glad you're back.
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