Yah- that would be the core.
Tiger's Apple Core
By Kickntrue on 7/7/08
So whatever happened with that Tiger apple core thing? The $36k thing was a joke but there was an actual transaction for over $700. The buyer has given the public four choices:
A. Plant it. Petition San Diego County and Torrey Pines to use the seeds of the apple to plant a tree on the 16th hole of the South course to commemorate Tiger and even Rocco - as we would also donate a rock to sit next to Tiger's apple tree.

B. Plane it. Send the apple- and a lucky person to the PGA- to serve as Tiger's representative since he is currently on the mend.

C. Pound it. Tee it up at Torrey Pines and have a celebrity hitter blast the apple core.

D. Prove it. Send the apple to a leading scientific facility to conduct a DNA test to prove once and for all if it is indeed Tiger's and to gauge any cloning potential.

We have until August 1 to vote.

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theredmission says:
I like C as long as D precedes it and that whoever hits it is some completely ridiculous celebrity. I give them props for trying, but they could've come up w/ a little better choices than those four.
PapaJoe says:
How about eating the rest of whatever's left of the apple and "dumping" it somehwere near the spot where it allegedly was found, and supposedly actually, possibly, have come out of Tiger's golf bag??? Geez!!! Are these media hounds serious???
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